The adventures of an LDS missionary serving in the

Italy Rome mission from June 2013- June 2015

Monday, January 6, 2014

Okay, haha, yes I have been transfered! I'm going down to Palermo in Sicilia! And my new comp is Anz. Nickel!  I'm kind of sad, but I'm also pretty excited.


Questions asked by Elder Rigby's little sister:

Are there orange trees in Italy, or citrus fruit?  SI! There are a ton of orange and citrus trees and they just got ripe about a month ago.  

Do they have Converse shoes?  Yep! A lot of girls wear Converse and a lot wear Nike.

Do they have dessert at Zone Conferences?  Yeah, it's usually just a little treat of some kind, like wafers.

Other Questions:

Are the New Years celebrations different in Italy than here?  Yes, in the fact that they are pretty crazy! We had to be inside no later then 9:00 and then everyone shoots off fireworks. There are some that sound like cannons. I'm not kidding. They are super loud. They usually set off all the car alarms. At midnight I was laughing and thinking to myself, "so this must be what it sounds like on the front lines..." 

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