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Monday, January 27, 2014

Buon Giorno Tutti!
   This week has gone by really fast! Hah,a it is crazy how time flies when you are working hard. This last week we were able to have 6 lessons in the presence, and 4 others! It was pretty cool. 
   It sounds like you are all really busy too! I'm sorry I don't have much time today. Haha, we just went suit shopping! So I have an Italian suit! I'll have to send you pictures. 
   Okay, so me and Anziano Nickle are working hard and we are seeing the benefits. This week we were able to get quite a few lessons. A cool little miracle happened this week. We were doing less active finding and we ran into the house of an old investigator. They had just lost contact with the missionaries over time. But we were able to talk with them and even have a lesson! We are supposed to go back on Wednesday to teach them again. We are still teaching Francessca.   She says she wants to get baptized but time isn't important right now.  Maybe in a year or two, maybe earlier, maybe later. I feel that if she keeps thinking like this it will never happen. It is just another of Satans ways of tricking us.
   This week we also found Filipino family that we were able to give a Book of Mormon to and we are schedualed to meet with them on Thursday.
   We had an activity for the ward last night about Missioinary Work. I think it went well. We are really trying to get the ward moving and on board with finding and referring because it has been almost a full year since the last baptism. They are starting to realize what they can do, we just need to keep encouraging them, and keep being an example.  English course is going well. We have a really cool group, and they always have questions for us about the church and our beliefs. We gave one of them a talk in English by one of the apostles and he said he would read it.  It will be interesting to see what he thinks...
   We are also doing Seminary with this kid named Ricardo. He's cool, he just needs to see the importance of the Gospel.
   Alright, well I need to go.  I love you!  TTYS!

   Love always, Anziano Rigby

(Some pictures borrowed from one of the sister missionary's blogs:  It is a great blog to follow about the work right now in Palermo...check it out!)

Anziano Rigby with Anziano DiCaro 

 Palermo District: Rigby, DiCaro, Nickle, Garner, Mikesell, Bradford, Nef

Palermo District again (Anziano Rigby third on the left)

Q&A with Anziano Rigby:

Hailey:  What language do they speak most in Sicily?  Italian! and Sicilian Dialect.

Hailey:  Do they usually use white bread or wheat bread for Italian sandwiches?  And do they use a special Italian sauce?  mmm, Idk. Haha, white bread?     

Porter:  What types of cars do Italians usually drive?   Pandas.  There are also alot of Alfa Romeo's. 

Mom:  Do you hold any callings at Church (pianist, Gospel Essentials teacher, etc.)?  Nope! haha not yet anyway... Vediamo...

Mom:  Is the way you go about missionary work different in Palermo than it was in Rome?  Are the people more or less receptive?  No, not really... It's all pretty much the same. They might be a little more receptive here?  

Mom:  What finding techniques do you use?   Book Of Mormon!!!  Haha, it's the best. And English course. 

Dad:  What transportation do they use over there?  Do you get a chance to ride bikes?  We always walk and use the bus system.  Bikes get stolen too often.

Dad:  Did you get your guitar?   Haha, sadly, no.  I might get it here soon at zone conference. :)

Hailey - Do they have Nutella in Italy?  Yes! That is all they have!  Haha, but it's really good so I'm cool with it. :)

Hailey - Have you eaten any really disgusting food   No, not yet...haha.

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