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Monday, June 30, 2014

I have a son!

P-Day fun
  Well, Anziano Fossa is now in Catania, and I now have my new comp!  Drum roll please.................his name is.............Anziano Mika!  It was a really funny meeting.  I went with the APs on Thursday to the Villa to pick him up.  We took a bus from Termini and as we were on the bus it started to rain like crazy!  We were hoping it would settle down a little but it just got harder and harder. And then we came to our stop.... so we got out and ran.  Needless to say, we were thoroughly soaked by the time we arrived at the villa.  I still didn't know who my comp was so I was asking everyone I saw.  It turned out he was upstairs so I waited for him to come down.  Boy, is he tall!  Haha, 6' 10'', I believe.  Just a little bit of a difference between us… haha, but he is awesome!  He is pumped and rearing to go!  It is so great to see the great faith and trust he has in the work. We can all learn from new missionaries' examples.  We were not able to see many of our investigators because of time conflicts, but we were able to keep track of them over phone. They are doing good, but we need to meet with them! Especially if we want to get them baptized in this transfer.

Elder Rigby with his new companion, Elder Mika


Trying on hats at IKEA

   We have set our sights at 4 baptisms this transfer and, to be honest, I really think it's doable. We will need to work hard and apply ourselves, but as we do so I fully trust that the Lord will bless our efforts and use us to bring his children to the waters of baptism.

Elder Rigby and Elder Fossa

   It is hard to believe that it's only been one transfer because it feels like I've been here forever, but at the same time it feels like I just got here a couple weeks ago.  And now I'm training.  It's kind of scary in the sense that I feel like I should know more, or have it all figured out, but I don't.  Haha, I still don't know what to say to every person, I don't have the perfect way of teaching, I don't know the scriptures like the back of my hand.  Haha, I'm just a 19-year-old kid trying to talk with people about the gospel. But there is a way to find comfort.  It is the fact that when I try my best, and do my best, it works out.  It always does.  Maybe not the way I think it will, but it does work out! :)

    Well I sure do love you guys! You are the best! I am so grateful and so lucky to have a family as great as you.  I hope all is well and I hope you have a good week.  The gospel is true, and don't forget it!

    Love always, Anziano Rigby

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