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Friday, August 23, 2013

Rome 3, take 2!

Hello Everyone!

   Thank you so so much for the E-mails and for the update on life!  First and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! I know I am not there to celebrate with you, or give you a big hug, but I always keep you in my thoughts and prayers, and I give you a big hug and kiss every night before I go to bed.
   About the money, no I haven't received your letters or package yet.  (from a different email - I will just go and get them the next time we are there, it should be this week.  I can't wait to see what it is!)   I did however receive a wedding announcement for M'leigh, that was cool!  Anyway, I pulled it out (money) because we are supposed to have some emergency cash.  So don't worry.  I am thinking about getting a guitar though...

   So Hailey, the money here is called a Euro.  It is not much different than what you have there.  I do have a journal, but I have been kind of bad about writing in it the past week (I need to be better).  It really helps you remember what you did that day, and also it really helps you see the hand of the Lord in your life.  Don't be scared, we all get scared once in a while, but when we do we can pray for comfort and peace.  Heavenly Father will send angels to watch over you.

   Porter, good job for not jumping out the window (editing note - his younger brother attended another ward's Sunday School and half the class decided to jump out the classroom window and run around the outside of the church before the teacher got there). Sometimes there are temptations and people we want to be like that don't always do the right thing. It is important to keep our standards, (even if it is something little like that.). It will help you in the long run because you will already have the habit of being good.  How was the dog-sitting?  I bet it was pretty fun.  I like their dog a lot.  Have you driven my four-wheeler yet? Actually, it needs a new chain first.  Once you get a new chain on it, have Dad teach you how to drive it. :) 

   Dad, how is the Bronco running? I know you have been driving it more often. Has it seen any dirt since we took it out last?  I can hardly wait to go hiking with you again.  It will be really good.  I am excited to hear how it goes (editing note - the fathers/sons/cousins/brothers like to go on a yearly hiking trip together). The fishing sounds surreal!  Hailey could do it I think, but I might take her on some smaller hikes before then just to get her used to it, and to guage if she could.  But I have no doubt if I told her she couldn't make it she would prove me wrong.  She always has been stubborn that way (which is not always a bad thing, it just means she has more in herself than she thinks).

   I am glad to hear you are jogging, Ash! You will see a great improvement, trust me. A lot of people can't even go that far so you are doing good!  I haven't gone on a run since I was in the MTC.  I have run to get to the train a couple times, but that's it.  Every morning I do a whole bunch of sit-ups and push-up, and curls and what not. I meant it when I said I want to come back in better shape than when I left.  Keep up the good work!

   Alright, Mom!  The work is good!  Yes, that was one of our baptisms (editing note - We had seen a picture from another blog of a Nigerian man who was baptized on Sunday in Skyler's ward).  He is the coolest guy I have met!  He is always happy and always has something good to say.  He was so happy at his baptism.  It was great.  

  Ha, I got that music the other day because we have another baptism this Saturday for another one of our investigators.  She asked me to sing so I had to find a song and we all really like that one (editing note - the song is Savior, Redeemer of my Soul by Rob Gardner - go check it out, it is beautiful).  I would love to have more music! And English is as good as any language so I am perfectly happy with it.  We have another baptism this Saturday and that will be awesome! They are from the Philippines.  The dad is a member, but no one else in their family is. When the daughter accepted the invitation to be baptized, the dad could not stop saying how happy he was.  He says that he prays every day that his family will come to know the Gospel is true and one-by-one they are.  He is so strong in the faith, it is way cool.  The Filipinos are awesome here. They all know each other and they are always doing something together. And always inviting the missionaries and their friends.  If one knows something, they all know it.  If there is some activity going on, they all go.  They are the coolest people ever.

   I love that story you wrote about how you just never know who will accept your message.  It is always intimidating to go up to some people and ask them if they would like to know about our message, but you just never know who wants to hear it.  Like just last night, we talked to a guy who didn't think we knew what we were doing, and that we aren't helping anybody.  It is sad to see people like that who don't know the truth and that will not open up to find it, because I see this Gospel change people daily and I know I am helping people become happier.

   Well I better finish up so I can send some pics!  I love you all.  Have fun tomorrow and stay safe.  Keep up the good work and never stop pushing for your dreams. Talk to you later!

   Love always, Anziano Rigby

Elder Rigby's zone

 Elder Rigby with a new member

Someone doing laundry in Italy! They thought it was funny that it went smallest to biggest.

A random road in Rome

Castle of St Angelo

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