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Thursday, August 8, 2013

An unexpected email from a thoughtful Missionary Mom

A thoughtful mother sent us an unexpected email today...! This is what it said...

"My son returned home from the Milan mission six weeks ago and we have been traveling through Italy the last few weeks and spent yesterday and today in Rome. We passed 4 elders yesterday in town and saw the same two today at the train station as they were waiting to meet an investigator, so we took their picture. I remembered your name (Rigby) from the missionary mom emails, so hopefully I am sending this picture to the correct mom from Idaho. If so, it seems these two are working hard and enjoying Rome!
It is always a highlight running into the missionaries.
Just thought you would enjoy a picture!

**As a side note, the "missionary mom emails" that she refers to is from a group email list for the moms with missionaries serving in the Italian area. This allows them to receive/provide support to each other while their missionaries are serving in Italy!

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