The adventures of an LDS missionary serving in the

Italy Rome mission from June 2013- June 2015

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Hello guys! 

   Alright, well Happy Easter!  Haha, I hope everybody had a fun time, and that you were all able to think about Christ's sacrifice a little bit more throughout the day.

Okay, well the first one I just think is funny!  Haha, I like the little Pucinello.  :) 

   I had a good week. It started out playing paintball! Woo-hoo!  Haha, it was way fun.  It was a nice little change up from what we normally do.  Then we went back to work. We did a bit of finding this week which was fun.  Haha, I am always grateful for the Lord's help in that aspect.  It's awesome to see the difference.  If you go out with a smile on your face and a goal to be happy and to say hi to everybody, then you are going to have a fun time.  If you go out grumpy, you're gonna be grumpy.  It's your choice. 

And then there is the undergound.  It was used as an aquaduct for the city
 so these caves were filled with water.
  We taught Pietro on Wednesday and he committed to come to General Conference. But he didn't end up coming.  It was a little discouraging.  But we also met with Giordana. We taught her the Restoration, and we set a bap date with her for the 9th of May. Woo-hoo!  Haha, so that was cool. This next week we are supposed to meet with her at a member's home which should be really exciting!  :)

   Other than that, yesterday, because it was the day after Easter, we were supposed to do a deep clean on the apartment.  So we did that.  Today was our P-day.  We decided to go to the Napoli underground which was actually really cool!  Haha.  I took some pics that I'll send to you.  It's crazy the things that are under the city.  It's really funny because I've talked with old timers who talked about their younger days and how they would go down there with friends to play.  Crazy.


During WWII, the peolpe hid down there as protection from the bombs.
But I think a couple of them got through...

  So this week we receive our transfer calls!  Haha, my last one... Yikes!  I really don't know whether I'm staying or going.  I think it could go either way.  Anyway, we'll see.  :)

  Alright, well I love you!  Hope you are having a good day!  Ciao! 

   Love always, Anziano Rigby

Just hangin' around in some caves... :)

We needed to go through a really thin, really long tunnel. So they gave us candles :)

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