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Monday, August 11, 2014


Hey there Fam,

  Well, well, well.  This week has been a good one.  Nothing big has happened, but it's been good.  Last Monday we went to Rome for P-day! The Zone Leaders gave us one day to go. It was really fun. We went in the Roman Forum and the Colosseum!  Haha, it was pretty cool. We just sat in the Colosseum for 3 hours talking and relaxing.  Not every day that you get to do that!  Then for the first half of the week Anziano Stout was with us because of transfers so we were in a threesome.  It was actually pretty fun. I'm not sure I'd like it for an entire transfer, but for half a week it was okay. 

   We taught David finally.  He likes to dominate the conversation.  He also likes to ask a lot of questions that don't really make sense as far as the lesson goes.  I'm trying to figure out why he asks them and I haven't really found a solid answer yet.  He speculates about the Book of Mormon, and he always asks us questions about why we don't have the original plates, and if it all depends on the answer we receive from God then why are there the testimonies of the witnesses. We answer his questions but he never seems to take it as an answer.  As we were teaching him this week it reminded me of something I have heard over and over -  If you are looking for the faults or reasons why the Book isn't true, you will find nothing but faults. You will never receive an answer that it is true because you are not looking for that. 

   Other than that, this week there was a Gypsy lady who was carrying a box of stuff she had just found in the dumpster.  She was carrying it on her head. As we came up to her I was debating if I should ask her if we could help, when Anziano Mika stepped up and did so. We then carried this box for quite a ways.  Meanwhile I got to talk with her in Italian/ Romanian.  She talked about how she had come here to Italy with her son who was 25 years old (where was he at this time? not helping his mom!).  Anyway, she said they used all their money to come here and now they are living on the street.  It was a wonderful experience to help her.  She was so grateful and that really makes the difference.  …  I was taught, and reminded that they are sons and daughters of God too.  And they are someone's mom, dad, brother, sister, you name it.  I thought about if it was my mom out on the street, I would be eternally grateful if someone helped her. 

   The last thing...I just ran across a Mormon message called "Hope ya know, we had a hard time," by Quentin L Cook.  It is really good.  Just about how we have hard times, but in the midst of our trials we should look for those who are having a harder time than us and then we should help them.  You should watch it. :)

   Well, I love you guys!  I hope you are having a good week and I'll talk to you later!  :)

   Love, Anziano Rigby 

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