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Monday, July 14, 2014

The Pescara Life

Hey guys!

   Haha, dang you guys were busy!  It sounds like you had a good time though, so that's good :)  Well, I was pretty busy too!  So this week was kind of nice because it wasn't as hot as it has been.  There was a storm  Tuesday which really cooled it down.  It was nice!  But, boy, is it humid!  You never dry off.....never.  Haha, I hate it but I deal with it.  Haha, what can you do, right?

   So, this week we went to Rome for Zone conference, and me and Sorella Bradford sang while Sorella Rossell played the harp.  It was pretty cool!  We sang "Cast Thy Burden On The Lord" and I think it went well...?  Specifically for how little we practiced!   Haha, we never had time, we were just too busy.  But the Lord helped us so that was a blessing  :)

   Then later in the week we met with this referral we got named Enzo.  He is awesome!  He's 65ish with a wife and two kids (grown-up).  We went and he took us and showed us around his town (which is beautiful by the way) and then he bought us both boxes of Confetti (edit note: Jordan almonds, used at special occasions in Italy) and Gelatto.  As we ate, we talked and he mentioned that his son made mozzerella for a living and I said how much I love Mozzerella. Well, let's just say by the end of the night we had almost 5 pounds of mozzerella to take home with us.  Hahaha, seriously one of the nicest guys I've met here.  We are going to start teaching him and his wife.  :)

  Franco is still on for the 26th and we are working hard to help him.  He really needs to help himself, and he needs the help of the members and his wife.  We will see in the next couple days what will happen.

Elder Rigby and his companion, Elder Mika
   Me and Anziano Mika are tearing it up out here!  Not in the sense that we have tons and tons of work, but in the sense that the work we are doing is good and we are making good relationships with the people in the area. 

   Well, I love you guys and hope you are doing well!  Thanks for everything!

    Love Always, Anziano Rigby  

Rome East Zone Missionaries

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