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Monday, January 26, 2015

Searching for a Family

   Well, the month is already gone...!  The first month of the year, gone!

   This week was pretty good.  Haha, I started getting sick on Thursday, and so Friday and Saturday were kind of crummy but all is well!  I'm getting better!  It was just a sore throat and a runny nose...and a little bit of a fever, but it's pretty much all gone. 

   Okay, so our work!  Haha, it's going well!  We are starting to see a pick up in everything that we are doing.

   Pietro is doing well.  He is kind of busy and hasn't started reading the Book of Mormon yet so we read with him.  It is crazy because when he reads he understands really well!  He is able to read and pull out the principles that can be applied to himself.  He is praying and says he wants to come to church as soon as his soccer ends.  I am hoping he can find another job so he can quit soccer and come to church!  I know that if he starts reading by himself that he will feel a difference.

   Francesco is also doing well.  We are meeting with him often and we are pushing hard for his baptism!  He is capable of doing it, but he just needs to apply himself.  He wants to be part of the Catholic church and our church at the same time.  We told him that he can receive an answer of what he needs to do from God.  Now he just needs to read and pray and listen. We send him a text every night with a verse for him to read.  I think it helps him.  Now he just needs to understand the importance of coming to church!  We might need to push back his baptism date a little bit but we will get him there! 

   That is pretty much our work right now.  We have a lot of contacts that we are working on seeing. Yesterday we were able to see an old investigator named Isaac.  He is doing well and we set forth a time that we can see him every week.  This is the Lords work!  :)

   I am doing well, and I am excited for this new transfer.  Me and Anziano Pope's new goal is to baptize a family.  We don't want a ton of baptisms, just a family.  What a cool thing to a family receive the gospel, and then sealing in the temple for all time and eternity!  That is our vision!

   I love you all!  Take care and I'll talk to you next week!

   Love always, Anziano Rigby

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