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Monday, September 15, 2014

Staying in Pescara

Hellooooo! Buon Giorno!

   Haha, well it's another P-day!  It's crazy how fast the time goes by.  We got our calls and I'm staying in Pescara with Anziano Mika!  Woo-hoo!  Haha, I'm doing three with my greenie!  I'm pretty excited about it :)  We're gonna have a good transfer.  We're gonna work harder than ever, and we are gonna baptize the entire city!

   Haha, the other day we were talking with this guy on the bus and he's a radio host here in Pescara and so we asked him if he does interviews and if he's ever interviewed Mormons before.  He said he hasn't and so we might do an interview!?  Haha, we need to call him and see.  He gave us his number so we can organize it.  It would be really cool.  Way scary, but way cool.

    We met with Giovanna this week and she is progressing.  We taught her the Restoration and she liked it a lot.  She had some questions about Adam and Eve, and about Prophets in general.  Her questions are sincere and she really needs the blessings of the gospel in her life.  She feels like she is alone in the world.  She just needs to see that God is here for us!  We just need to do our part to help Him help us.

   I am really excited for this transfer.  I know it will be really rewarding.  It will also be a learning experience.  Me and Anziano Mika are doing well.  He has really picked up on the Italian fast.  We are making new goals for the next transfer and they are looking really promising. We just need to work hard and follow the spirit in this work.  The spirit is the key.  And hard work.  Nothing happens by itself.

   So, lately I have been reading the Bible more.  I have a goal to finish it by the time I leave the mission.  So I started in Genesis and I am working my way through.  I really enjoyed Genesis.  There is a lot of history in there, and you get to see just how much the Lord wants to bless us and how he wants to bless us.  And that a lot of times the blessing don't come in the way we think they will.  But they come as we stay faithful and as we trust in the Lord's timing.  It is also really cool to see the generations from Adam and the layout of the 12 tribes.  I was reading the Lectures on Faith from the school of the prophets and it talks about how because Adam lived so long, he was alive or had just died when Moses was alive, and then Moses lived forever too.  Almost until Abraham was born if not until he was born. And then all the people in between lived long too.  So the point is, Moses pretty much got a first-hand account of the garden of Eden and everything else that happened.  Most important, a first hand account or testimony of God.  And then that was able to be passed down to Moses, and Moses and his sons were able to do the same thing for Abraham.  And then we have the Bible and all of these great testimonies.  But The concept of God wasn't just invented by these people.  Although it was a long time between Adam and Abraham, the account of what happened was kept pure because it only needed to be passed down a couple people.  Make sense?  I thought it was pretty cool :)  

   Alright, well that's about it for this week.  I love you guys and I'll talk to you in a week!  Ciao!

   Love, Anziano Rigby

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