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Monday, September 1, 2014

Lessons, finding, and friends

Rome West Zone Conference (all pictures for today were originally posted on Pres. and Sis. Waddoups' blog)

Hey y'all!

  Alright,  well I don't have a ton of time, but this week has been good!

  It is still pretty hot here, but the weather is cooling down. Today it's raining, and I hear it's supposed to rain all week?

 We have been doing some lessons, some finding, and some friend developing (it's always good to give missionaries a good name).

Anziano Rigby in the background

   This week we met with David finally!  Haha, he is cool, but kind of lost in the world.  His priorities are not set straight.  He says that he will be baptized if he finds it to be true, but he's not willing to put forth the effort.  He doesn't understand that the gospel is not something you can just do when you have free time. It's what you do everyday! It's part of you, and who you are!  So we are working with him.  We did a fast yesterday for wisdom to see if we can get him in church because he wants to come but there are some things at home keeping him from being able to come.



We met this cool African kid on the bus last night that said he wants to be a missionary!  Haha, so we talked to him about what we do and he wants to get together sometime. So we exchanged numbers and we are gonna see what happens!  Haha, aka we're gonna baptize him!  It is cool to talk with people on the street because at the beginning they are almost always sceptical, but if they stick around they see that we are normal and kind of  cool.  Haha, and we are good people who are teaching about Jesus Christ! 

The work is good and I am happy. :)  I'm glad that you're doing well and having such a good time.  It's been good hearing from you.  Have a good week!

   Love, Anziano Rigby

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