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Monday, May 26, 2014


Playing a hymn, on a harp, on a train, on the way to Pescara!!

Hello fam!

   Haha, wow time flies.  It is crazy.  This week we have been working our tails off!  I am really tired, but also really happy :)  The work is satisfying. 

   This week we got 3 new investigators:  David, Crizia, And Genni.

   David is 20 years old and is agnostic.  He has a sad background because his dad died when he was 5 and his mom died when he was 15.  So now he is alone. We had an interesting lesson with him this last week. We both felt that we should teach the plan of salvation so we prepared for that. As we started to teach him, it just wasn't working. The spirit wasn't there and he was asking questions just to argue. So we followed the spirit and talked about prayer and recieving answers to prayer. We also read Alma 32 with him (we had given it to him to read between lessons but he hadn't finished).  At the end of the lesson the Spirit was there, and we were able to bear testimony of our message. 

   Crizia says she is looking for the truth, but she also says she is looking for what fits her lifestyle. We are planning on passing her off to the sisters this week.

   Genni is a freind of a member.  She was curious about what we do as missionaries and wanted to talk about the gospel with us…we can do that!  :)  So we met her and her friend.   It was a good lesson and the spirit was there.  Me and Anziano Fossa haven't been together for very long, but I feel like we teach well together. We obviously have room to improve, but it is nice.

   The work is going well and I am learning the area and the people.  I am also getting tan!  Haha, I need to take more pictures.  I am really bad at it.  I'm not sure I've taken a single picture here!  :(

   But rest assured I am doing well :)  The people are a lot different here but they are cool.  Not quite as open, but I love them still the same :)

   I love you guys!  You are awesome!  Keep your heads up, and I'll talk to you next week. 

   Love Always, Anziano Rigby

Anziano Fossa and Anziano Rigby

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