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Italy Rome mission from June 2013- June 2015

Monday, May 19, 2014

Goodbye To New Friends…Hello To Old Friends!

(Note:  All pictures in this post were sent from John in Palermo, Susy in Palermo, and Joyce in Rome - thank you!!)

John (in Palermo) and Elder Rigby

Palermo missionaries singing together

Meeting with friends in Palermo one more time before leaving for Pescara

Hello!  Haha, wow it has been a long week!  I can't believe I'm back near Rome!  Haha, I've already seen a couple people from Rome 3!  It was sad to leave Sicilia, but at the same time I know that there is work for me to do here. We have been really busy the last couple days. with sevice, lessons to less-actives and what not. There is a member here that is blind and we go with him to do home teaching. His name is carlos. He is ingamba! He is in his thirties, and he doesn't let anything bring him down. For instance this morning we went running with him. haha! He puts his hand on your shoulder and runs right beside you. What a Boss! But more important than that, he is a solid solid member. One of the best i have seen here. I would venture to say that he has mastered the art of listening. Not just to sounds but to the spirit. It is something very awesome to see.

Umm other then that, haha it has just been awesome!  But I don't have much to say.  I haven't met any investigators yet.

Leaving Palermo, headed for Pescara

What are the chances?!  Transferring from Sicily up to Pescara, Elder Rigby was in the train station in Rome and ran into some old friends from his time spent serving in Roma 3 Ward.

   Umm...haha The church is true! I can't tell you how many times i see people who are sad, or depressed, or lost, that could find happiness or that could have prevented something by following the teachings of the Gospel.  Pretty sad. But!  We are here to change that!  I love you guys so much!  You are the best!  Haha, I will have more for you next time I promise!   Keep your heads up!   I love you!
Love always, Anziano Rigby

Q & A with Elder Rigby

How are things going in Pescara?   
Good!  haha I really like it.  It's all new. Very different from Sicilia but I love it. :)

How did your travel go?   
It was good, really tiring. I left Wednesday afternoon and arrived in Pescara Friday morning. Woo hoo! But it was beautiful! We took a train up the entire coast. What a sight. Haha, I also got to play a harp. Awesome right? There is a Sorella that came up with me to Pescara from Sicilia and she plays the harp...Sorella Rossell. Anyway, she has a little harp and I got to play it!  Haha, I played a hymn on it. Remeber this was all on a train. Pretty fun. :)

Tell us about your new companion.   
His name is Anziano Fossa, he is Italian and he comes from...I can't rememebr exactly where. I think it is near Udine?  I'm not sure… haha, he is really cool!  Really funny but at the same time is very caring and can follow the spirit.  Good guy :)

Do you have any investigators there yet?   
Yes. I havn't met them yet though. haha :) We have 3 or so.

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