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Monday, May 5, 2014

Panoramas of Monreale!

 Okay sorry about last week, haha, I forgot to write it! I was so busy worrying about the music thing.

 Well this week has been fun and good! This week in Monreale there has been a festa for a cross they found a long time ago, Il Santissimo Crocefisso.  It's pretty big around here… haha, there about 10,000 people in the streets on the last day.  It has been fun to talk with people and to learn about them and also a little about their traditions here, but it has not been too good for the work because they were all distracted, and there were too many people.

 They really get into things here... haha They carry this cross around all day and into the night and then they set off fireworks at midnight or one
All the people.  Yeehaw!

 Something that we are seeing however is that many people remember the missionaries from 6 years ago or so.  And what they remember about them seems to be very positive!  It is making it a lot easier for us to talk with people, and they are much more open with us as well.  We met a really cool lady this week named Adrianna. She has met with the missionaries in the past, and she has read a little of the Book of Mormon. And she liked it!  So we exchanged phone numbers and are in the process of getting an appointment with her. We called her yesterday and she said she talked with her kids about it and they said we can come, and now they are trying to find a day where they are all at home.  Her kids can't be more then 18 years-old or so, so it should be really cool. I am praying that we can do our job and that they can have the time to meet.

Haha I made rolls :) they are very tasty!

   We also met with Francis yesterday and we talked with him about church. When we got there he was watching a dvd of his brother who is a big pastor in Ghana.   He was giving a discourse on the spirit. We talked a couple minutes about his brother and what he does, and then we prayed and got started.  As we talked he kept getting stuck on one thing which was group prayers.  He really likes group prayer and he really wanted to know if we did group prayers (like evangelists).  It turned into a discussion about prayer and why we pray the way we do.  In the end, we invited him to come to church this next Sunday and he said he would love to, but he has work.  And we both felt inspired to promise him that if he prayed this week every day with real intent to be able to come to church on Sunday, he will be able to come.  He said he knows it is possible and he will pray everyday.  It was not exactly how we thought it would go, but in the end we felt like we were able to follow the spirit in the things that we said.  It was a good learning experience in that aspect.

The view over Palermo and the ocean from Monreale. Beautiful!

Haha, we had a bbq at the bishop's house a week or so back. He speaks perfect English. He is way cool! Haha, so this is at his house. It was for Il giorno di liberazione. He also really likes cars so that is pretty awsome.  Haha, we talked a while about cars. I hadn't done that for a while!

 The work is slowly growing and we feel like we are doing our part. I sure love you guys! Hope everything is going well!  Talk to you soon!  haha

 Love Always, Anziano Rigby

Anziano Rigby with his companion, Anziano Burnham

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