The adventures of an LDS missionary serving in the

Italy Rome mission from June 2013- June 2015

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Week 4

   This week has gone by so fast! Its kind of weird cause the days are long but the weeks are short. The weeks are all kind of the same here. Breakfast, class, lunch, class,....more class. haha but its all a good experience. I just can't wait to go to Italy! (even though my Italian is horrible) Today me, Elder Lindsay, Romano, and Kelly went to the BYU laundry to get some of our shirts thinned up a little. But apparently there's a new rule that they can't do it for missionaries. So we're just gonna have it done in Italy. I'm sorry I havn't sent pictures, these computers don't have SD slots and you have to send like 2 or 3 pics at a time so I'm just going to send the card home in a letter and then you can send it back. once I get to Italy I will send them over E-mail. I know this is short notice, but do you think you could find a passport holder? I completely forgot I was supposed to get one and I can't find any here...
   Thanks for the letters you have all sent, It sounds like you are all doing well! Its great to hear that grandpa is okay, I was praying for him all last week and this week. It sounds like the 4th of july was a blast and the family reunion went okay too! I have to say I was really jealous to hear about the pig. It sounded sooo delicious. Oh! Do you think I could get Kevin and Pauline's address? I realized I don't have it and I really want to send them a letter.
   July 4th was pretty good. Its was really weird because it didn't feel like the 4th AT ALL. I could remember all the things I used to do. The breakfasts, the parades, the fireworks, four-wheeling. what fun! Its was a little depressing I have to admit. That night, we had a devotional and watched 17 miracles. it was pretty good. But we didn't sing God Bless the USA which was a bummer. After that we watched the firework show. That was awesome! Ha, it was kind of funny, the next day we were sitting in class studying and this lady walks in and was like, "were you the ones that got on the roof last night!?" We were completely stunned and of course we didn't so we said no. Well she didn't believe us, so she started going off on us about when we have an urge to do something stupid to not follow that urge. She was pretty upset! I kind of felt bad for her because she seemed like she might have just gotten chewed out for it. Idk but it was also kind of funny.
   So yep.That's kind of the highlight of my week. We were not able to play Venirde Note Calcio this past week because there was a thunder storm so they closed the field. Personally I think it would have been really fun to play on a thunderstorm. Haha oh well.
   Do you think you could send me some pictures of you all shooting your bows? I would love to have those in my awesome picture book! And maybe one of me shooting my bow? Haha If you can find a good one that would be awesome.
   I am really kind of at a loss for what to say now, I guess I'll just start telling you random stuff. I have somewhat come to enjoy language study. Yesterday I sat at the chalk board for the entire hour and a half and practiced conjugating verbs in Italian. It helped me quite a bit. So there are different endings to words most are either ARE, ERE, or IRE. and then you have a set of endings for those words. so I run, you run, he runs, they run, so on and so forth. there are six different endings so I, You, He She You, We, they all, you all. Then you have tenses. Present tense, future, past, imperfect, and a few others. I think there are 14 tenses total but that's besides the point. the point is there are a lot! But once you start to understand the pattern to each tense its not so bad....until you get the irregular verbs. they don't really have a pattern. so that's fun! I am not the fastest to learn the language, but I am steadily getting better. Slow and steady wins the race right? Besides its not the language that converts people its the spirit. (And my handsome looks of course).
   Well I better get going I have some things I need to get done before the day is through. I love you all so much. Thank you for keeping me in the loop and for your prayers. I can feel the strength that comes from the prayers you guys back home. I am constantly praying for you and your well being. I love you Mom, I love you Dad, I love you Ashley, I love you Cody, I love you Porter, I love you Hailey! Stay safe, Have fun, Work hard, and Love the Lord. when you love the lord, everything follows suit.
           Love always, Anziano Rigby

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