The adventures of an LDS missionary serving in the

Italy Rome mission from June 2013- June 2015

Monday, March 16, 2015

March 9th

Hey Y'all! 

   Thanks for all the updates on what's going on in your lives.  iI know that God is watching over you and keeping you safe, but also helping you learn through experiences.  After all, isn't that what life is for?  :)

    So this week was really good.  We are seeing great miracles! We were able to set another baptismal date with Francesco. He is up and down, and we never are quite sure what to think about him. We went into the lesson expecting to do a drop lesson, and instead we came out with a date for his baptism. He needs to find some self-drive somewhere between now and then!  Haha, or else it's not gonna happen...It's really the basics that make the difference.  Reading, praying, going to church. Really, it's just having a sincere interest in what you're doing.  Haha.

   We had another lesson with an investigator named Sirio.  He's from Napoli and he is progressing well.  He wants to be baptized as well.  He is praying to know his date and we are going to talk to him tomorrow.

   We also got a new investigator this week.  Her name is Giordana.  She is from Pozzuoli and she first met the missionaries like 30 years ago.  She liked them a lot and wanted to get baptised but her husband at the time would not let her.  They are no longer together and she is quite interested.  I really think she will be baptized as well.  So as you can see, the miracles are present. We have the energy and the faith!  Now it's time to reap the rewards.  I'm praying that they can all feel the spirit and that we can do our part to help them come to Christ.

   Me and Anziano Pope are doing well together and we are becoming better teachers together.  Haha, he's a good missionary. 

   Other than that, I don't have much to say.  The district is doing well and I'm really excited to see the work that will be done this transfer!  Woo-Hoo!

   Haha, I love you guys and hope you are having fun!

Love, Anziano Skyler Rigby

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