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Monday, October 6, 2014

General Conference

Hey there :) 

   Wow, it's been a crazy weird week.  Not in a bad way, just different, and long.  So first off, I got to do my Permesso di soggiorno this week so I'm not illegal.  And then we did a scampi (split) in Ascoli which was really good.  We did some good work and learned a few things. 

   Here in Pescara we are having a hard time getting appointments with our investigators. We are searching for more and we may need to drop a few.  They just don't have the desire to push and do the things they need to like coming to church, reading, meeting with us.  It is a little bit of a let down when they say no and give us an excuse…

   So right now we are doing some hard-core finding!  We also are meeting with members this week to start up the new ward mission plan! We are going to get all of the members to make a list of their friends, and then pray over it and over each name to see who they can invite to come to an activity, or to meet the missionaries, or to do a family home evening together. 
Doing gesso in the piazza.

   I really enjoyed general conference this last week. It was so good! I received answers to my questions and I know what I can do to be better.  It is amazing how we can receive personal answers to personal questions.  And as was taught over the weekend, "Spiritual questions call for Spiritual answers." What a true statement!  As a missionary I can witness that that is true. We cannot look at the things of God through physical eyes; it doesn't work. Nor can we expect to receive an answer to our spiritual questions if we are not putting enough time into them, or if we don't first act on the direction we receive.  To receive a testimony of the Book Of Mormon, we need to READ it and put the principles that it teaches us into practice.

   Right now I am listening to the Sunday afternoon session as I write to you.  The speaker is talking about receiving the blessings that we are given in our Patriarchal Blessing.  He asks if we are constantly working towards the blessings we are promised.  It is really good.  It's true.  I need to focus on that more.  It's not something that I have been doing.
Anziano Mika is a little tall for the Italian way of life...

   That's pretty much it.  Haha, If you haven't already, I invite you all to pick something you learned from conference and make a plan to implement it in your life.  You will see the blessings flow forth more freely in your life, you will feel the spirit more in your life, and you will gain a stronger testimony that this is the church of Jesus Christ.  I bear witness that it is.

   I hope you all have a good week.  I love you!

   Love Always, Anziano Rigby

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