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Monday, December 9, 2013

"A few of the guys I was in the MTC with." 
(left to right) Elder Rigby, Elder McMillan, Elder Busdicker, Elder Kiser, And Elder Bee.
"Boise State pin I found in the death closet...represent!  Haha."

"Christmas presents!  hahaha."

Hello ya'll,

  Wow, that is kind of sad to hear about Bounce (editing note: he is referring to a business we are closing).  I feel bad that I didn't do more while I was there to help with it and stuff like that.  I also feel bad about being such a bum before the mission.  Haha, I could have gotten a lot of stuff done... around the house, with school, at Bounce... everywhere.   It sounds like you had an awesome Thanksgiving! That is way cool.  Haha, yeah we had a pretty good English course Thanksgiving dinner thing.  I was never able to find sweet potatoes, but I'm still looking.  I hear they are out there somewhere...   
  Today there is a sciopero  (strike) with the transportation.  They have them every couple weeks or so, but this one is supposed to last for 5 days or so.  So it should be fun trying to get places...haha, vediamo (we will see)...
   Yes we will be able to skype for christmas! It will either be Christmas day, or the day after Christmas. Which works best for you guys? The thing is we are going to the Perigos for Christmas day (they are an American family in our ward).  And then we are going to Valentinas for the 26th, but we will get it figured out. :) The recorder did get here! I'm gonna try sending some stuff :) 
  So for work...
    Miguel is having a hard time right now. He has had to start working on Sundays and now he is not able to make it to church.  But he still wants to be baptized really bad.  I have never met a person with such a desire, or such a kind heart.  I know I'm the one teaching him, but in reality he's the one teaching me.  I have been praying for him every day and for guidance in how to teach him and how to help him. When he first told us the news I was heart broken, as was he, but I told him to pray that night for comfort and guidance, and I did too. The next day we met with him and he told us of his experience. He prayed and remembered one of the Anziani saying that you can find answers to your questions in the Book of Mormon.  So he read and found a couple versus that really helped him and it was really what he needed at that moment.  And I also felt that everything was going to work out.  Because his heart is in the right place and he really wants this for himself.
   It goes along well with what mom was saying about prayer and the nessecity of it.  I have learned so much about the importance of prayer here in the mission.  It really does make a huge difference in your work, and your ability to work.
   Well, I better get going if I'm gonna try to send stuff.  Keep up the hard work. 
   Love you all!!! Talk to you soon!
   Love always, Anziano Rigby

Elder Rigby and Sorella Picirillo as Piligini

"I know my hair looks funny. Haha, We said I looked like someone from Who-ville."
Pictures borrowed from Elder and Sister Andrew's blog:
Thanksgiving dinner at English Course

Pilgrims and Indians enjoying turkey together.

Roma 3 missionaries at a baptism

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