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Italy Rome mission from June 2013- June 2015

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

MTC life week 2

Buon Giorno!
 Thank you so much for the letters and packages, they really brighten up my day. I just love hearing what you're all up to! This past week has been pretty good! There are some rough days here and there but that's expected. So to answer some of your questions. Porter, I don't know if you received my letter yet, but yes, you are more then welcome to play my guitar! It makes me happy knowing that it's not just going to sit there. and to mom, yes I have sheets. I just left the fitted sheets is all. And the backpack that I have is perfect. So I'm all good there.
Cody, the food here is horrible. I guess I shouldn't say that. It's okay. But I have to say after a couple weeks of this stuff, my body is begging for green smoothies. They have the same three fruits everyday. Cantaloupe, honeydew, and pineapple that tastes like its out of a can. It's pretty sad. But they do have a salad bar (not a very good one) and they also have a wrap bar which is the bomb. You decide what to put on, kind of like subway. I only do veggies and it is delicious. Some days they even have quinoa to put on them! I am always in a good mood when that happens. It is really funny how anything new can make you happy when you"re in the MTC. For example, the other day I got some flash cards to practice words on. I was overjoyed! I would have never thought that office supplies could do that to a man. pero echo, it can. Last night we had a devotional with Janice Kapp Perry, and her husband. It was really good. they talked about music and how they used it on their mission. I had an impression that it will be important for me to remember my musical talent and to use it as a way to help the people in Italia. I'm not sure how just yet, but I will be interesting to see. I really like the idea that dad had about the shuffle. And from what I hear it is completely acceptable. Oh! I have to tell you. On the way to the broadcast on Sunday, Me and some other anziani from my district were walking around the backside of the MTC. We came around this corner, and Elder Christopherson and his wife were just taking a stroll. So as we passed them I said hi and we went on our way, but I was the only one that said anything to them. So just out of curiosity, after we passed them I asked the other elders why they didn't say anything. They were all confused and so I told them who it was. Apparently they didn't even see him! I thought it was pretty funny. As I was reading my scriptures this week I was reading in 1 Nephi capitolo 1? haha I can't remember. but anyway, it was after they left Jerusalem and they were in the desert. Laman and Lemuel were bickering as usual, but there were a couple versus that really stuck out to me. Nephi records that he prayed to know that what his father saw was true, that Jerusalem would be destroyed. He wanted to know for himself. But the part that really stuck out was this "and my heart was softened that I did not rebel against my father." I'm sure I didn't say that exactly right, but that's pretty close. It made me realize that Nephi had doubts as well. For some reason I always thought that he didn't have any problems with leaving. But it was his home too, and It would only be natural to feel a little doubtful. I don't know, I thought it was cool. None of us are perfect and we all have doubts, but through prayer and a true desire to know, we can receive strength and faith and courage to do those things that are hard. Well, I am running down on time. I will try to send out some letters today or tomorrow. now that I have some time to breath! I love you all so much. Grandpa is in my prayers, I hope all goes well. I love you Mom, I love you Dad, I love you Ashley, I love you Cody, I love you Porter, I love you Hailey!
                  love, Anziano Rigby     

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